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Breathtaking Views, Blissful Stays:
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Experience the finest in hospitality at our 12 exquisite hotels and resorts in Sikkim, Uttarakhand and West Bengal, strategically nestled in nature's embrace. From the enchanting hills of Mussoorie to the serene ambience of Lachung, we've curated an array of locations that beckon your wanderlust.

Our hotels are not just places to stay; they're gateways to memorable experiences. Whether your heart is aching for a tranquil stay amidst the mountains, seeking the vibrant culture of Darjeeling or indulging in the vivacity of Gangtok, we've got you covered. Each hotel is thoughtfully designed to blend comfort seamlessly with the uniqueness of its location, making us your perfect host.

A long shot of a building beside mountains | Sumi Yash Shree Hotels & Resorts

Sumi Yashshree Hotels & Resorts in Uttarakhand,
Sikkim & West Bengal

Enter our realm, where our hotels spell warmth and comfort. Come and explore with us why our hotels near popular tourist spots are your ideal abode for a fulfilling travel experience. Join us in these captivating cities and transform your stay from mundane to magical.

An aerial view of a building with trees around | Sumi Yash Shree Hotels & Resorts



sumitel darjeeling facade



A low high shot of a building with glass elevation | Sumi Yash Shree Hotels & Resorts

Tin Tin Boutique Hotel


yashshree mall road

Yashshree Mall Road


sumi vista tv tower

Sumi Vista TV Tower


sumi queens yard

Sumi Queen's Yard Rink Mall


yashshree lachung



A low high angle of facade of a well-lit 3-storey building at night | Sumi Yash Shree Hotels & Resorts

Yashshree Sikkim Blossom


sumi shangrila

Sumi Shangrila Deorali


sumi pelling

Sumi Pelling


sumi shangrila

Sumi Shangrila Deorali


Facade of hotel front during daytime - Yashshree Milestone, Siliguri

Yashshree Milestone


Facade view of Sumitel Gangtok with canopies in the front



Your Dream Space: Where Every
Traveller Finds Their Type

Picture this: You nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, gazing out at the stunning vistas of Gangtok. Or perhaps, you're sipping a steaming cup of Darjeeling tea, wrapped in the comforting embrace of the mountains. Our rooms are not just spaces; they are chapters in your adventure, where warm hospitality conspire to script beautiful tales of your travels.

We're not just a place to rest; we're a portal to immersive experiences. Let each room be your canvas, and let each stay unfold a new story.

A side view of a bed in a room with glass window, writing desk and a TV on the wall | Sumi Yash Shree Hotels & Resorts
An interior view of a mountain view restaurant with empty tables and chairs in it | Sumi Yash Shree Hotels & Resorts

Feasting in Style:
Savour the Fusion of Flavours


Indulge in culinary excellence at our signature "Blue Charcoal" restaurant, offering a delightful array of multi-cuisine wonders. Across our diverse locations, experience a symphony of global flavours designed to tantalise your taste buds.

For a unique gastronomic adventure, visit "Nom Nom", our Korean restaurant. Explore the rich tapestry of Korean cuisine in an elegant dining setting at our hotel in Darjeeling.

Spa & Wellness: 
Rejuvenate Your Senses

Embark on an immersive spa journey in the heart of Gangtok and Darjeeling. At select Sumi Yashshree hotels, including Sumi Yashree, Sumitel, Sumi Vista and Yashshree Lachung, our spa experiences will leave you pleasantly astonished.

From soothing Swedish massages to invigorating Deep Tissue Therapy, our range of therapeutic treatments caters to your every need. Pamper yourself with Aroma Therapy, Foot Reflexology and our exclusive Signature Therapy. Complete your relaxation with our steam and sauna facilities. Get ready to be rejuvenated in the most satisfying way.

Rolled towels, candle and bottles on a bed | Sumi Yash Shree Hotels & Resorts

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