Aqua Spa

Offering you solace from the hubbub of cities is Sumi Yashshree Aqua Spa, which redefines luxury at an affordable price. Treat yourself to the enticing experiences of serene spa treatments to rejuvenate the alluring wraps of a sheer nourishing alimentary.

Short & Sweet Treats

Tension-relieving Head Massage (30 min)

Warm oil is gently massaged onto your forehead and hair using an ancient technique to reduce stress and relive headaches.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45 min)

An invigorating massage that targets energy points on the back, neck and shoulders. This massage alleviates stress and calms your senses.

Foot Massage (30 min)

Foot Massage will help the regeneration of muscles of your tired & heavy feet after a sport or a long walks. The sensation of intense freshness lasts, permitting the legs to feel light and feeling well for many hours.

Blissful Massage Therapies

Deep Muscle Massage (45 min)

Slow, strong strokes work deeper layer of muscle fibers in this therapeutic treatment. A deep tissue massage helps address patterns of tension and habits. Specialized techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts.

Essential Oil Body Melt (45 min)

Aromatic essential oils help enhance your mood and awaken your sense in this luxurious treatment. Select a blend that appeals to body, spirit and mind and an emerging sense of calm

Stress Buster (45 min)

This invigorating full-body massage utilizes light stretching and an array of massage techniques to help improve range of motion, circulation and flexibility. Exclusive muscle soothing oil will improve blood circulation and relieve soreness, stiffness and encourage relaxation after an active day.

Body Envelopment

Zinger Renewed Cocoon Wrap (45 min)

This Zinger Renewed Cocoon Wrap benefits the body in many ways. It removes impurities and dull surface cells, moisturizes the skin, increases circulation and releases toxin from the lymphatic system through sweating.

Coffee and Chocolate Detox Body Wrap (45 min)

Enjoy our coffee Detoxifying Body Treatment, the latest edition to our decadent yet nourishing range of beauty treatments. As well as decent on the senses, your skin will feel the nourishing qualities of our coffee spice body scrub and chocolate wrap, made from only pure Extracts, Minerals, Botanicals and Essential oils.

Spa Indulgence

Ultimate Spa Experience (120 min)

Choice of Body Scrub 30 minutes. Choice of Swedish or Aromatherapy 60 minutes. Purifying Face Treatment 30 minutes.

Jet Lag Reviver (45 min)

Choice of Body Scrub 30 minutes.

Re-vitalizing Package (120 min)

Anti-stress Back Massage 30 minutes Re-energizing Face Mask 30 minutes Relaxing Foot Massage 30 minutes

Male Escape (120 min)

Deep Muscle Massage 60 minutes. Choice of Body Wrap 60 minutes. Facial 30 minutes.